Super Power Programs

Tatiana Berindei

Reclaiming Your Sexual Self

You’ve been there – the empowered woman, strong, sensual, in touch with your sexuality – but you’ve become disconnected from that aspect of yourself since becoming a mom. You know your young daughter is looking to you as a model of how to be an empowered woman – and secretly, you’re afraid you’re failing her. You don’t want her to have to repeat the same mistakes you’ve made. You know you need to do this work so she has less of it to do. That was my story, too, and in this 6 week course I will share with you some of the proven techniques I used to successfully bring that goddess back.

Are you ready to embrace your sexual self again? Then this course is for you!
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3-month or 6-month Program w/ Tatiana 

  • Initial Intake Session – up to 3 hours to explore & outline program focus
  • Individual Tarot Reading during intake session
  • Access to the Sex, Love and Super Powers Private Group
  • Annual Membership to the Super Power NET
  • Weekly phone 1-on-1 phone sessions with Tatiana
  • Custom Essential Oil Pack created by Tatiana

Investment Options (Click to purchase)

3-month Program – $2280

6-month Program – $4560

Jennifer Urrezzio

Success Support Group Monthly 

• One 15-minute one-on-one chat via phone or Skype with Jennifer
• Language Thursdays
• Access to the Spiritual Renegade Group on FB
• Access to the Success Support Group on the NET
• Success Content
• Access to the Super Power NET Community

Investment Options 
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$250 every 3-months


Justin Recla

Reawakening Man Group Program

If you want more in your relationships, are ready to be fully engaged with the world and are looking for a deeper connection and understanding of yourself then its time to reawaken your Super Powers!

I get it. I have been there.
I have been through the depths of my own hell and have learned the fastest way to be done with it, is through it.

If you are a Man and are ready to up level you life then
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